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This cantata is currently under development. Discussions are taking place and hopefully a composer will write the music in the not-too-distant future. Then we shall be looking for a director and a performing company to bring it to life! Here is how it starts... quietly...

The First Morning

There is darkness on stage. Slowly the dawn breaks. Enter the Seannachaidh.

The Seannachaidh

In the beginning there was darkness. In the beginning there is always darkness - that is the way stories begin. Our story, Scotland’s story, begins in the darkness of one cold, wet morning. The sun is not yet risen but it will rise. Have no doubt of that. It will rise... it always does.

A woman lights a fire. She sings

              Three blessings on this hearth, I pray
              Bless the fire of my making
              Bless the food of my cooking
              Bless the child of my bearing

A man guards the house. He sings
              Three blessings on this house, I pray
              Bless the house of my making
              Bless the sheep of my caring
              Bless the fields of my tilling

Children appear. They sing

              Three blessings on us all, we pray
              Bless the mother who bore us
              Bless the father who protects us
              Bless the family that nurtures us

All the people appear. They sing

              Three blessings on this land, we pray
              Bless the food of our growing 
              Bless the goods of our trading 
              Bless the peace of our enjoying
                     Bless us with the gift of peace
                     Bless us with the gift of peace
                     Bless us with the gift of peace

© Bryan Owen 2007

So begins Carpe Diem - a Scots Cantata. If you are a producer with a genuine interest in musical theatre then do get in touch!