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This is a book of ten studies for home groups. The overall theme is social concern wthin a biblical context. What makes these studies different is that there are suggestions in each one for action. At the end of the book there are suggested resources, addresses and websites. The ten themes cover the use of torture in the world, going through dark times, freedom from fear, the power of friendship, forgiveness and reconciliation, when bad things happen, the good earth, direct action, welcoming the stranger and fear of the future. Each study contains details of a real situation people are facing somewhere in the world and offers both practical and spiritual resources to confront it.

We live in uncertain and unsettled times. We live with uncertainty and unsettlement in our own hearts. That is proving a trouble to many, both Christian and non-Christian, who have grown used to being settled and to being able to think forward to a future with some confidence.  

Bryan Owen’s life and ministry makes him eminently qualified to offer us all help in coming to terms with the times we are in. This book is a different sort of guide for people and for groups. It touches the raw subjects and brings us to the Gospel along the rugged pathway of pain and conflict, anger and despair.  

This book makes us all think again and think inside the life and teaching of Jesus. It draws on a rich vein of contemporary writing and reflection to assist our journeying. 

For people and churches and have been disturbed by what is happening in the world and who want to respond creatively and imaginatively, this book will be an enormous help.

If it can help Christian communities to be centres of healing and reconciliation in a broken world it will have served the hidden and yet powerful life of the Kingdom Jesus brought among us.

Rt Rev John Gladwin, Bishop of Chelmsford, Church of England
Chair, Christian Aid

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