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Outside the excellent Carpe Librum book store in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is a first-rate independent bookshop - do support it! You can check it out at www.carpelibrum. booksense.com

Reading poems in the Carpe Librum book store in Knoxville, Tennessee. The scarf means I was reading 'A cold November morning'!

In the Carpe Librum book store reading 'One sad day in Souwaneh' where the kaffiyah helps!

Ready to teach three age groups at Elgin Academy in Illinois - a thoroughly enjoyable morning it turned out to be. Bryan is a former high school teacher and would relish more school visits!

Members of the Writers' Group at the City Hall in Prairie du Chien on the banks of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. Bryan performed some of his poetry and then conducted a workshop in writing poetry. He is looking forward to a return visit!

Bryan performing at the city's free library in Hannibal, Missouri - the boyhood home of Mark Twain.

Bryan performing at ther Green Mill Poetry Slam in Chicago. Poetry slams were first conceived by American poet Marc Kelly Smith. Performing at the Green Mill is like being thrown to the lions compared with rather more douce libraries and bookshops but what great fun!

Bryan reading his work in the public library in Decorah, Iowa.

Bryan sharing a panel discussion with American authors Jonathan Santlofer and Robert Olmstead at the Midwest Literary Arts Festival in Aurora, Illinois in 2007.

Bryan sharing the stage with American poet Robert Klein Engler at the Midwest Literary Arts Festival in October 2007.